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2 New Weatherproof Boots Made for LMR195 Cables

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Cable Protection, RF Weatherproofing | 0 comments

2 New Weatherproof Boots for LMR195 Cables

As the industry leader in weatherproofing solutions for RF coaxial cables and connectors, Gamma Electronics’ is excited to announce the release of two new variations/options of our RF Weatherproof Boots.  Both boots have been designed to meet the needs of our customers, who have requested boot solutions for smaller cables, specifically LMR195.  The first boot works on LMR195 cables that utilize a Type N connector, while the second boot is for SMA connectors on LMR195 cables.  The second boot is an exciting development as it marks our first boot made for SMA connections and is our smallest boot to date.

As mentioned, both boots have been designed and tested for LMR195 cables, (cables sized approximately 0.195 in diameter).  Test results have shown the boots to be watertight, providing IP68 level weather protection over the connections on which they are installed.  Impressively, these boots provide that IP68 level of protection while still maintaining the ability to quickly and easily install and/or uninstall, as has come to be expected with our lineup of RF Weatherproof Boots.

With these 2 new boot variations Gamma Electronics’ now offers 12 different variations of weatherproof boots, not including our RF Suppressor Boots.  All our boots have been carefully crafted to ensure watertight weather protection over specific connector/specific connector/cable combinations, while still being incredibly easy to install and/or uninstall.  When you’re looking for faster installations combined with incredible weather protection, it’s next to impossible to top Gamma RF Weatherproof Boots.

Both boots are available to order, with a 4 week lead time.  Or you can test out these new boots by taking advantage of our 3 for $25 offer.  With the 3 for $25 you can test out 3 of our RF Weatherproofing products for only $25, (including shipping).  Click here to learn more.

To purchase the Type N, LMR195 Boot click here. 

To purchase the SMA, LMR195 Boot, click here.