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2 New Weatherproofing Product Variations

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Cable Protection, Gamma News, RF Weatherproofing | 0 comments

The Gamma Electronics team is excited to share the addition of 2 new product variations to our RF weatherproofing line of products: Clear Cold Shrink tubing and 2.2-5 Weatherproof Boots.

With the addition of these products we continue to add to and lead the fixed wireless industry in terms of RF weatherproofing options and solutions.

New Weatherproofing Product Variations from Gamma Electronics
Gamma Clear Cold Shrink Tubing

In recent months we’ve received numerous requests for cold shrink tubing that would allow installers to see cables and connections after the cold shrink had been installed.  Our new, clear cold shrink tubing has been designed to do just that and has been specifically designed for wires 2-10 AWG sized wires often in use for power on radios.  Finally it’s easier to give those power connections an IP68 rated seal while still being able to see the connection beneath it.

We have 2 variations of the clear silicone cold shrink.  The SDL-134-50-CLR, which is 50mm (1.96 inches) in length, shrinks down to 4mm, and is designed specifically for 8-10 AWG wires.  The SDL-245-65-CLR is 65 mm in length (2.56 inches), shrinks down to 5mm, and is designed for 2-6 AWG wires.

Gamma 2.2-5 Weatherproof Boot
Gamma 2.2-5 Weatherproof Boot

Another request we’ve received in recent months has been for a weatherproof boot specific to 2.2-5 connectors.  The BT-225-COAX25 is made of silicone and provides IP68 rated protection for 2.2-5 connections that are installed on quarter inch sized cables.  This boot marks the first time Gamma Electronics has made a boot designed for 2.2-5 connections, or any type of RF weatherproofing designed specifically with 2.2-5 connections in mind.

Gamma Electronics’ new Clear Cold Shrink Tubing as well as the 2.2-5 Weatherproof Boot are already available to purchase.


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