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Gamma Products and Services Designed for the Aerospace Industry

Some of Gamma Electronics earliest customers are those from the military and aerospace industries, (often referred to as mil-aero).  We’re proud that over the years our heat shrink has been approved and utilized by companies like Bell Helicopter, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.  Our Heat shrink tubing meets the high standards necessary for the aerospace industry and has proven itself by standing the test of time.

In our time working with aerospace customers we heard a common theme as they needed quality heat shrink tubing that they could label and/or print on.  Not only were we able to produce flat heat shrink ideal for printing but we also began offering heat shrink printing services, (technically called thermal transfer printing), where we would print on heat shrink for our customers.  Additionally, we also have our own line of thermal transfer printers available for purchase.  These printers are designed specifically for printing on heat shrink tubing and come with our own, proprietary software, Gamma Label.

Our combination of quality heat shrink tubing, thermal transfer printers, and printing software, has resulted in Gamma Electronics becoming a leader in the heat shrink labeling/identification market.  We have been able to broaden our printing capabilities beyond heat shrink and now also offer various forms of labels, all of which are able to be printed on using our printers and software.

Gamma Electronics is committed to providing solutions for the aerospace industry and you can see some of our aerospace specific products and services below.

Gamma Heat Shrink Tubing

Our Heat Shrink Tubing is available in 4 different shrink ratios, 2 to 1, 3 to 1, 4 to 1, and even a very impressive 6 to 1 shrink ratio.  Beyond shrink ratio however we offer a variety of heat shrink tubing with incredible and unique capabilites.  We have a number of adhesive lined heat shrink tubing, a 3 to 1 heat shrink designed specifically for printing purposes, as well as a number of options what we refer to as our “Specialty Heat Shrink Tubing.”  Our specialty heat shrink tubing offers capabilities like Gas & Diesel Resistance, UV resistance, as well as heavy glue infused heat shrink.

You can learn more about Gamma Heat Shrink Tubing by clicking here.

Custom Cut Heat Shrink Tubing

Quite often we have been asked not only about our Heat Shrink Tubing but also about having our Heat Shrink Tubing cut to specific lengths.  We are happy to offer our Heat Shrink Tubing with the added value of having it cut and packaged to your specifications.

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BT-4310-ST12-JMA Dimensions

Gamma Heat Shrink Tubing Printers

We offer three different Heat Shrink Tubing printers, each of them providing different solutions for the many scenarios our customers encounter.  All three printers come with a one-year license to Gamma Label, our proprietary software that makes printing on heat shrink a breeze.

You can learn more about Gamma Heat Shrink Tubing by clicking here.

Gamma Bolt Printer

Gamma Bolt

The Gamma Bolt is the perfect solution for small to medium quantity heat shrink tubing print jobs.  It will print on and cut heat shrink tubing as small as 1/16 of an inch up to an inch and a half (1.5″) in width.

Learn More about the Gamma Bolt heat shrink tubing printer here.

Gamma Electronics MARK-III-Plus printer with no cover

Gamma Mark III Plus

The Gamma Mark III Plus is a fantastic medium to high quantity printer, capable of producing thousands of prints per day.  Like the Gamma Bolt, the Mark III Plus prints on heat shrink tubing as small as 1/16 of an inch, but it is capable of printing on heat shrink tubing as wide as two and a half inches (2.5″).  The Mark III Plus also has the ability to choose between cutting or perforating your printed on heat shrink.

Learn More about the Gamma MARK III Plus heat shrink tubing printer here.

Gamma Double Mark

Gamma Double Mark

The Gamma Double Mark offers nearly all the same perks as the Gamma Mark III Plus with the added bonus of being able to print on both sides of the heat shrink simultaneously.

Learn More about the Gamma MARK III Plus heat shrink tubing printer here.

Custom Heat Shrink Printing/Labeling

Maybe you don’t print on heat shrink often enough to justify getting a printer of your own, not a problem, we are happy to do the prints for you.  We offer our custom heat shrink printing services on heat shrink ranging from 1/16 of an inch up to 2 inches wide.  We’ll print it, cut or perforate it, and package it to your needs.  We can print basic text, numbers, or even logos.  We can do serialization if needed as well.

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BT-4310-ST12-JMA Dimensions
Gamma Electronics cable tie tags

Try Before You Buy

We understand that oftentimes you want to check out our product before you start using it in larger quantities.  If there’s something you would like to get a sample of, even something like a custom print job, feel free to reach out to our sales team.