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For years the satellite industry has been riddled with the issue of how to weatherproof connections, more specifically connections that are here on earth.  Over the last several years we’ve been privileged to develop and provide weatherproofing solutions to solve this problem for the satellite industry.

Satellite connections run into a myriad of issues as they are so often deployed in what are often harsh and difficult weather environments.  Satellite connections can sit on top of ships in the middle of the ocean, being blasted by salt water constantly, or they can be found in the middle of the desert underneath scorching heat.  These are only a couple of examples the satellite industry struggles with and our team has worked hard to make sure we have solutions for the salty seas, the desert sun, and everything in between.

Our team has developed weatherproofing solutions specific to the satellite industry’s needs.  We have SDL-SMA-60 Cold Shrink tubing which we designed specifically for RP-SMA connections.  We also offer a variety of other cold shrink tubing sizes that work with F Connections, BNC connections, and Type N, (to name a few).  We often refer to Cold Shrink Tubing as our “set it and forget it” weatherproofing, and you can learn more about it in the section below, or by visiting our Cold Shrink Tubing page.

If you need a more re-accessible weatherproofing option we also offer Weatherproof Boots.  In recent years we’ve created boots for F and BNC connections to address the needs of the satellite industry specifically.  You can learn more about our weatherproof boots section below, or by visiting our Weatherproof Boots page.

Our Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing and our Weatherproof Boots are tested to the highest standards, ensuring that connections are protected from even the most difficult enviroments.  We make sure that all of our weatherproofing products are IP68 rated, meaning that we have tested these products by dunking them deeper than a meter in water for more than 30 minutes and, after removing them from the water, no water has made it into the weatherproofing.  Our products have proven so successful that they have been approved by and are actively being used by AT&T, Cox Communications, the State of California, and the U.S. State Department.

Learn more about all of our weatherproofing products by visiting our RF Weatherproofing page, or learn about our satellite specific solutions below.

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

“Set it and Forget It” Weatherproofing

Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing installs in seconds by simply removing a perforated plastic, inner core, that once removed allows the silicone tubing to shrink down.  Cold Shrink tubing requires no heat to install, hence the name “cold shrink.”

Our Silicone Cold Shrink is the ultimate “set is and forget it” weatherproofing solution.  Made from silicone rubber, Gamma Cold Shrink is incredibly weather and temperature resistant is able to protect connections from UV, water, dust, and fungus.

You can learn more about Gamma Cold Shrink by clicking here.

Our SDL-SMA-60 is the smallest cold shrink tubing on the market  and we designed it specifically to provide a watertight seal on RPSMA connections.  

All Gamma Cold Shrink has been intentionally designed and tested for specfic connector and cable combinations to ensure that we can guarantee the weatherproofing results of our cold shrink tubing.

SDL-SMA-60, Cold Shrink for RPSMA Connections

SDL-TN-90 is one of our midsized silicone cold shrink models that works very well with F and Type N Connections.  The SDL-TN-90 will fully cover both types of connections with an IP68 rated weather sealing.

SDL-TNS-65 also works well with Type N connections although it’s a bit shorter than the SDL-TN-90 and we can’t always guarantee it will work with F Connections, (as F Connections are longer than Type N Connections).

Learn More About Cold Shrink Here.

Gamma Weatherproof Boots

F & BNC Connector Weather Protection

Gamma’s BT-X10-COAX25 Weatherproof Boot is an IP68 rated boot that works on both NEX10 & F connections. Gamma’s RF Weatherproof Boots install and uninstall in seconds, providing IP68 rated weather protection to your connection.

Learn More Gamma Weatherproof Boots Here.

NEX10 & F Connector Weatherproof Boot
NEX10 & F Connector Weatherproof Boot

Don’t let the name/part number fool you, our 2.2-5 Weatherproof Boot works on BNC connections as well.  We’ve thoroughly tested the boot on BNC connections so we can guarantee IP68 rated weather protection.

Get re-accessibility with IP68 rated weather protection on your BNC connections.

Learn More About Gamma Weatherproof Boots Here.

Satellite Trade Shows

Come see us in person!  We would love to visit with you and demonstrate how Gamma Electronics’ products can help solve your satellite connection problems.

IMS2021 Industry Talk

Recently our team had the opporunity to present a webinar and/or industry talk as part of IMS2021.  We made this 25 minute webinar to showcase the products and solutions we have designed specfically for the satellite industry.

Try Gamma RF Weatherproofing

Want to try our RF Weatherproofing?  No problem!  We offer 3 weatherproofing samples for $25, which includes free shipping to the contiguous 48 United States.