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Cables for CBRS

CBRS frequencies require low PIM cables that deliver results.  Gamma cables are held to the highest standards, (-155 dBc or lower), and are fully and individually tested before leaving the factory.  Gamma Cables are available in custom lengths with varying cable and connector options and come with Gamma’s acclaimed RF weatherproofing.  

Cables carry the lifeblood of your network, make sure you have cable you trust. Upgrade to Gamma cables today.

Silicone Cold Shrink

The optimal, “set it and forget it” cable protection solution. Cold Shrink is a silicone tubing/sleeving that installs in seconds without the need for heat or adhesive. 

Slide Lock

Gamma’s Slide Locks are an IP68 rated form of RF Weatherproofing designed to withstand the elements while making your connection easily reaccessible. 

RF Weatherproof Boot

Gamma’s Weatherproof Boot not only installs and uninstalls in seconds but more importantly it provides IP68 rated weather protection for the connection that it’s covering. 

Magic Tape

Makes it possible to weatherproof those incredibly difficult areas where solutions like Cold Shrink, Slide Locks or Boots aren’t an option. 

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