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Announcing Gamma’s New Grounding Kits

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Cable Protection, Gamma News, RF Weatherproofing | 0 comments

Today Gamma Electronics is happy to announce the newest addition to our RF Weatherproofing line of products: Gamma Grounding Kits.

Gamma Grounding Kits are designed for 7/8 and 1/2 inch cables and are meant to replace the tape and butyl method still widely being used to ground cables.  With these grounding kits not only is the process faster and easier but it also make the cable much more re-accessible.

Our grounding kits come with 3 pieces total: a grounding wire, a weather enclosure, and a sliding mechanism that locks the enclosure.  The design is largely based off our popular slide lock design, currently in use by AT&T and others.

Installation takes a matter of minutes.  Once the cable jacket has been removed from the cable the grounding wire is able to be latched on and around the outer conductor of the cable.  Next, the weather tight enclosure is placed over the grounding wire/cable, and all of it is locked into place with the sliding mechanism which fastens itself to the weather tight enclosure.

To uninstall there are 2 finger tabs on the sliding mechanism that press in, allowing the mechanism to slide back off of the enclosure.

To ensure a tight IP68 rated seal, the enclosure has an inner silicone gel that snugly wraps itself around the cable and wire, blocking out the elements including water and dust.  IP68 means that we’ve tested the enclosure on a cable and grounding wire by having it dunked in a tank at least 1 meter deep for over 30 minutes and it showed no signs of water ingress afterwards.

To learn more about our new Grounding Kits you have 3 options: visit our new Grounding Kits page, check out the data/spec sheet, or you can purchase them here.


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