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For a number of years AT&T has been utilizing Gamma Cold Shrink and Slide Locks as RF & Tower Weatherproofing solutions. Most recently, AT&T has expanded their use of Gamma Weatherproofing products from 2 to 5 cold shrink models. These newly approved products help meet the rising demands of 5G, specifically addressing the need to better weatherproof smaller connectors like the 4.3-10, NEX10, and RPSMA.

In addition, AT&T also approved the Gamma Adapter Kit, used for the purposes of testing and measurement.

AT&T Approved Cold Shrink Tubing

AT&T trusts Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink as their go-to weatherproofing solution, having issued CEQ numbers for easy ordering and utilizing Gamma Cold Shrink on the United States Government FirstNet network. AT&T has most recently expanded their use of Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink by assigning CEQ numbers to 5 cold shrink models. Learn More


Gamma Cold Shrink Sizing C

Clear Cold Shrink Tubing

AT&T Approved Clear Cold Shrink

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5G/Small Cell Adapter Kit

Gamma’s 5G/Small Cell Adapter Kit is designed for 5G and small cell testing scenarios. Our adapters are made for 50 ohm networks, matching perfectly with the testing needs in the telecommunications, WISP, and fixed wireless industries. This Low PIM kit comes with 6 adapters in a rugged, IP67 rated ABS plastic case that helps protect the adapters when not in use. Learn More

Gamma Part Number

AT&T CEQ Number

Adapter Type






Low PIM Adapters in a 6 piece kit with Case

7/16 DIN Male to 7/16 DIN Female

7/16 DIN Male to NEX10 Female

7/16 DIN Male to 4.3-10 Female

7/16 DIN Male to 2.2-5 Female

The Perfect Solution for the New Generation of Cellular Building & Testing

Gamma Slide Locks

Gamma Slide Locks were designed to AT&T Specifications who gave us the specific instruction for the inner silicone gel to “ooze” out and over the connection once it was closed and locked into place.  The silicone gel creates a watertight seal and wraps itself around the connector and cable as the Slide Lock is fastened into place. Learn More

Gamma Part Number







Gamma Slide Lock for 7/16 DIN to ½” Jumper/coaxial cables

Gamma Slide Lock for 4.3-10 to ½” Jumper/coaxial cables

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