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AT&T Approves More Gamma Cold Shrink Tubing

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Cable Protection, Gamma News, Telecommunications, WISP | 0 comments

AT&T has approved and added 3 more of Gamma’s silicone cold shrink models, issuing a CEQ number for each.  You can find the exact models and AT&T issued CEQ numbers below.

AT&T Approves More Gamma Cold Shrink Models

For a number of years AT&T has been utilizing Gamma Cold Shrink and Slide Locks as RF & Tower Weatherproofing solutions, (you can learn more about these already AT&T approved parts here).  With this latest announcement AT&T has expanded their use of Gamma Weatherproofing products from 4 to 7.  These newly approved products help meet the rising demands of 5G, specifically addressing the need to better weatherproof smaller connectors like the 4.3-10, NEX10, and RPSMA.

In addition to these new approvals AT&T also approved the Gamma Adapter Kit, used for the purposes of testing and measurement, which you can learn more about here.

Newly Approved Cold Shrink Models

Gamma Part Number
AT&T CEQ Number


Silicone Cold Shrink for 4.3-10 connectors to 1/4″ coax cable or larger.



Silicone Cold Shrink for NEX10 or Type N connectors, to LMR-195 cable or larger.



Silicone Cold Shrink for SMA Connections to LMR-195 or larger.

More Information

You can learn more about all of our Cold Shrink Tubing products by visiting our Cold Shrink Tubing page, or learn more about each of the newly AT&T approved cold shrink models below.

Our SDL-CX-125 has been designed specifically with 4.3-10 connectors in mind.  The CX-125 has enough room to get around the 4.3-10 before shrinking while having a high enough shrink ratio that allows it to shrink down to a cable as small as a 1/4 inch.

Learn more about the SDL-CX-125 here.

Our SDL-TNS-65 is the perfect 5G weatherproofing solution, capable of providing IP68 rated protection for NEX10 or Type N connectors, even in tight spaces.  The SDL-TNS-65 has already proven very successful on 5G radios where space is limited and boots or tape are unable to fit.

Learn more about the SDL-TNS-65 here.

The SDL-SMA-60 is the smallest cold shrink model on the market, capable of shrinking down to an incredible 0.17 inches.  While the intention for the SDL-SMA-60 was to provide an IP68 level of protection for RPSMA connections, it can easily be applied to any number of smaller connections.

Learn more about the SDL-SMA-60 here.

Order Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

All three of the above cold shrink tubing models are available to purchase through our website in bulk quantities, (typically 25 per box).  Or you can purchase in smaller quantities through one of our authorized distributors and/or resellers.  Click Here for information on Where to Buy.

If you are interested in purchasing cold shrink tubing in higher volumes/quantities please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the Gamma team.

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