Custom Low PIM, RF Coaxial Cables

Choose the Length, Connectors & Weatherproofing that Matches Your Needs

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Gamma Low PIM, RF Coaxial Cable options

1. Choose Your Cable Type

  • Standard 1/2 inch coaxial cable
  • Superflex 1/2 inch coaxial cable
  • Superflex 1/4 inch coaxial cable

2. Choose Connectors

  • 7/16 DIN
  • 4.3-10
  • Type N
  • NEX10®

3. Choose Cable Length

2 feet, 10 feet, 40 feet?  You decide.

4. Choose Your Weatherproofing

Cold Shrink, RF Weatherproofing Boots, or no Weatherproofing? It’s up to you.

     5. Fill out the Form

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