Adhesive Cable Clips

Compatible with 1/2″ Plenum & Annular Cable

Gamma White Aluminum Plenum Cable
White Aluminum Plenum Cable

Our latest product innovation – Adhesive Cable Clips, specifically designed for compatibility with 1/2″ Plenum and Annular Cables. These versatile cable clips are set to simplify your cable management needs and elevate your projects to a new level of organization and efficiency.

Gamma clips come with a high-quality adhesive backing, making installation a breeze. No need for drilling or additional hardware – just peel, stick, and secure your cables with confidence. Also, can be easily removed without leaving a sticky residue, allowing you to reposition them as needed.

We understand the importance of reliability. These cable clips are built to last, with durability and heat resistance, ensuring they maintain their hold under various conditions.

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