Multi-Cable Stripping Tool Assembly Instructions

Below you can find instructions for using our Multi-Cable Stripping Tool, including how to assemble the tool and how to use the tool in conjunction with our RF Compression Connectors.

How to Assemble the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Cable Preparation and Connector Installation Instructions

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

The PLNST-7020, (Multi-Cable Stripping Tool), is a specially designed cable preparation tool for Gamma Electronics 1/2″ air core coax cable. This tool will trim the cable to proper conductor and jacket preparation lengths for Gamma Electronics certified connectors.


These instructions are broken up into 2 parts: How to Attach the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool Handle and How to Change Bushings on the Multi-Cable-Stripping Tool.  These instructions utilize all of the pieces/equipment included with the purchase of the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool, listed below.

Included Equipment

Our Multi-Cable Stripping Tool comes with all of the part/equipment listed below.

  • 1 tool (main body)
  • 1 handle (main body)
  • 1 T-bar handle
  • 620 Bushing
  • 630 Bushing
  • 650 Bushing
  • 90° Allen key, 1/8″
  • 90° Allen key, 7/64″
  • 90° Allen key, 3/32″
  • 90° Allen key, .050″
  • 1 dental pick
  • 1 carrying pouch

Part 1 – Attaching the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool Handle

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool Disassembled

1. Insert T-Handle Bar into the Handle Main Body

Insert the T-Handle Bar into the Handle’s main body, making sure that the divot or indentation on the T-Handle is aligned with the cone point screw on the handle’s main body.

Inserting T-Handle on Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

2. Secure T-Handle Bar into Place

Secure the T-Handle bar into place within the handle’s main body by tightening the top cone point screw with one of the included Allen keys.

Tighten T-Handle on Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

3. Attach the Assembled Handle (Optional)

With the T-Handle secured within the Handle’s main body, you can now attach the fully assembled handle to the Stripping Tool’s main body.  This step is optional, as you may prefer to use the tool with a drill.  If so, insert the main body of the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool into a drill, and tighten the drill around the tool.

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool
Multi-Cable Stripping Tool on Drill

4. Secure the Assembled Handle into Place

If you do decide to use the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool in manual mode, (meaning using the tool by hand and not with a drill), you simply must tighten the assembled handle into place by tightening the lower screw on the Handle’s main body.  You can tighten the screw with use of one of the Allen keys provided with the Multi-Cable Stripping tool.

Attach Handle to Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Part 2 – How to Change Bushings on the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

1. Select the Appropriate Bushing

Start by select the appropriate bushing from the “Cable Applicable Bushings” table below.    The bushings are available in 3 different sizes, (620, 630. and 650), with each size matching to different cables.

Cable Applicable Bushings

Cable Brand (Type, Shield Material)

Part Number


RFS (Plenum, Copper)



Commscope (Plenum, Copper)



Commscope (Plenum, Aluminum)



Gamma (Plenum, Copper)



Gamma (Plenum, Aluminum)



Gamma (Annular, Copper)



Commscope (Annular, Copper)



Multi-Cable Stripping Tool - 3 Bushings
Multi-Cable Stripping Tool Bushings

2. Loosen Screw

The bushing in the Gamma stripping tool can be changed out by loosening the screw towards the bottom of the tool, as shown below.  The screw does not need to be fully removed for bushings to be either removed or installed.

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

3. Insert Bushing

Insert your desired bushing into the Multi-Cable Stripping tool. 

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

4. Tighten Screw

Make sure the bushing is fully inserted into the tool and tighten the screw you had previously loosened.  This screw will now hold the bushing in place, and you are done.

Repeat this process if/when you need to change between bushing sizes.

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

RF Compression Connectors

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool