Gamma Slide Lock - RF Weatherproofing

RF Compression Connectors

Coax Connectors You Can Easily Install in the Field

Gamma Slide Lock - RF Weatherproofing
RF Compression Connectors

Quickly Install in the Field

Our RF Compression Connectors are incredibly easy to install.

Once the cable is stripped, slide the provided o-ring into the third corrugation “valley” of the stripped cable.

Next, slide the lower half of the connector over the o-ring and onto the cable.  Attach the other half of the connector, and torque it tight.

Results that Matter

Our RF Compression Connectors deliver the results that matter most, with VSWR tests coming in under 1.15, Return Loss less than -23, and PIM below -155 dBc.

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Works Well With Others

Our RF Compression Connectors work with CommScope cables, both aluminum and copper, as well as Radio Frequency System (RFS) cables, in addition to our own.

RF Compression Connectors Compatibility

Cable Brand

Part Number

Commscope (Copper Shielded)


Commscope (Aluminum Shielded)


Radio Frequency Systems (Aluminum Shielded)


Radio Frequency Systems (Copper Shielded)


Gamma Electronics


Gamma Electronics


Gamma Electronics




Pairs Perfectly with the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Our Multi-Cable Stripping Tool makes it easy to install the RF Compression Connectors on virtually any coaxial cable you can throw at it.  With 3 different bushing that can quickly and easily be changed, our Multi-Cable Stripping Tool allows you to get your Compression Connector on the cable in minutes.

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