Low PIM RF Coaxial Cable with Weatherproof Boots

Rugged, Ultra Low Loss, RF Coaxial Cables

High Performance, 50 Ohm Coax Cables for Telecom and Fixed Wireless Applications

The Cable & Connector Combos You Need

Our low PIM cables come in a number of variations to make it easy for you to get the cable you need. 

Not Just Low Loss, but Ultra Low Loss

Our Rugged, Ultra Low Loss Cables deliver results you simply won’t get with an LMR195, LMR400, or any braided shield type cable.

Our Ultra Low Loss cables utilize a corrugated copper design instead of a braided shield, giving improved return loss and insertion loss results.


Low PIM RF Coaxial Cable Construction
Cable Test Results Applied to Label

Improve VSWR & Insertion Loss

We’ve compared our cables against LMR 195 & 400 cables to find improved VSWR results, as well as up to a 25% improvement on insertion loss results.  These cables will make it so that more of your signal gets to the desired destination.

Read more about the test results of our Rugged, Ultra Low Loss cables in comparison to LMR 195 and 400 cables here.

Built to Endure

On braided shield cables, (i.e. LMR 195 & 400), the outer shield is easier to knick or cut, resulting in a gap in the outer shield/conductor, that leaks signal while also allowing for outside interference to work its way into the cable.  In addition, that knick/cut in the cable has introduced an entry point for moisture into the cable. Even a bend in a braided shield cable could produce a gap in the outer shield, resulting in signal loss or electromagnetic interference.

Those problems are vastly reduced with our Rugged, Ultra Low Loss cables.   Our Ultra Low Loss cables are a quarter inch in outer diameter with a spiraled, corrugated copper, outer shield.  That outer shield is crucial, as it better retains the signal inside the cable, producing better results, while also better rejecting outside interference and being more durable against knicks and cuts.

Corrugated Copper Shield vs Braided Shield
Closeup of Gamma Electronics 4.3.-10 connector

Tri-Metal Albaloy Connectors

Tri-metal albaloy has some remarkable characteristics that make it an ideal choice for RF coaxial cables, the largest being that tri-metal albaloy is extremely resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. Additionally, like silver, tri-metal albaloy is non-magnetic, which means it avoids a number of intermodulation issues and won’t become a source of PIM down the road.

All of Gamma Electronics are assembled with tri-metal albaloy connectors.  Learn more about tri-metal abaloy connectors here.

Perfectly Matched Weatherproofing

Every one of our Ultra Low Loss cables comes with weatherproofing, perfectly matched to the cable and connector to provide  a watertight seal.

We’ve tested each cable and weatherproofing combo to IP68 levels of protection, meaning we have actually submerged the cables and weatherproofing in more than 1 meter of water for over 30 minutes without it allowing water into the connection.  It’s safe to say we feel pretty confident that you will love how well our cables and weatherproofing withstand the elements.

What’s even better?  When you buy one of our low PIM cable kits you save up to 30% off what it would have cost had you purchased the cable and weatherproofing separately.

Learn more about the IP rating system by clicking here.

Upgrade your VSWR and Insertion Loss results with our Rugged, Ultra Low Loss Coaxial Cables.