Heat Shrink Printers

Thermal Transfer Printers Made to Print on Heat Shrink Tubing

Gamma Bolt

The Gamma Bolt is our low to medium quantity heat shrink tubing printer, capable of both printing and cutting heat shrink tubing.

Gamma Mark III Plus

The Mark III Plus is one of our workhorse printers, capable of medium to high quantity print jobs with the added ability of either cutting or perforating the heat shrink.

Gamma Double Mark

The Gamma Double Mark has all the perks of the Mark III Plus with the added bonus of being able to print on both sides of heat shrink tubing simultaneously.

Gamma Label

Our Proprietary Printing Software

We created Gamma Label to make it easier to design labels for and to print on heat shrink tubing.  Gamma Label comes with heat shrink size specific templates, so you can choose your heat shrink tubing and get straight to work.

Gamma Label has all the other bells and whistles as well, like serialization options, the ability to create text or graphic based labels, the option to print any font you have available on your computer, and more.

Gamma Label works with each of our printers and a Windows computer.  When you purchase one of our printers you also get a 1 year year license to Gamma Label included with your purchase.

Heat Shrink Printer Accessories

3 to 1, flattened heat shrink tubing designed for thermal transfer marking/printing.

Heat Shrinkable Wire Markers 

High performance
heat shrink sleeves made from durable polyolefin

Gamma Bolt Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Full resin, replacement ribbons available for your Gamma Bolt Printer

Mark III Plus Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Full resin, replacement ribbons available for Gamma Mark III Plus Printer

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