Gamma Double Mark

A Workhorse Printer that Can Print on Both Sides of Heat Shrink at the Same Time

The Gamma Double Mark is a workhorse of a thermal transfer printer, capable of creating high quality heat shrink prints ranging in quantities from the low thousands up to around 10,000 prints per day.  The Double Mark has the added benefits of being able to cut or perforate heat shrink tubing after printing, as well as the ability to print on both sides of the heat shrink tube simultaneously.

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Key Features

Double-Sided Prints

The Gamma Double Mark provides the high quantity, high quality prints that you get with the Mark III Plus with the added benefit of printing double-sided prints, (meaning both sides of the heat shrink tubing), simultaneously.

Print & Cut to Your Needs

With the Gamma Double Mark you can choose between having a typical cutter, or you can have your prints perforated to create easy, pull-apart pieces of heat shrink tubing.

Print a Variety of Sizes

The Gamma Double Mark can print on heat shrink tubing ranging from 1/16 of an inch (inner diameter), up to 2 and a quarter inches (inner diameter).


Designed for GMT-321-FLT

Our 3 to 1, flattened heat shrink produces the highest quality prints and was designed specifically for printers like our Gamma Bolt.  The Gamma Double Mark is capable of working with most flattened heat shrink tubing but we only guarantee it to work with our GMT-321-FLT.

Easy to Replace Ribbons

The Gamma Double Mark is designed to make it fast and easy to switch out your printer ribbon so if you need to change the color of your print, or if it’s just time for a new ribbon, you’re not losing valuable time.

1 Year of Gamma Label

The Gamma Double Mark comes with a 1 year license to Gamma Label, our proprietary heat shrink labeling/printing software.  Gamma Label makes it easy to design and print labels for heat shrink tubing.

Gamma Double Mark

Medium to High Quantity Heat Shrink Tubing Printer

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