Gamma Mark III Plus with Perforation Cutter Printer Bundle

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Gamma Mark III Plus Printer Bundle

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Gamma Mark III Plus with Perforation Cutter

The Gamma Mark III Plus is a workhorse of a thermal transfer printer, capable of creating high quality heat shrink prints ranging in quantities from the low thousands up to around 10,000 prints per day. This bundle includes a Gamma Mark III Plus with a perforation cutter, or a perforated cutter that creates easy to pull apart heat shrink tubing pieces as needed.

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1 Inch Thermal Transfer Ribbon × 3

Included in the bundle are 3 printer ribbons in either black or white, (no mixing or matching colors is permitted). The ribbons produce incredible, rub resistant prints that meet the stringent needs of manufacturers and/or automotive shops.

GMT-321-FLT Heat Shrink Tubing

Get 1 spool, (100 feet), of our flattened heat shrink, made specifically for printing, included with your printer. Choose 1 spool in either Black, Yellow, or White, in sizes ranging from 1/16 of an inch up to 2 and a quarter inches.

Spool Feeder

A spool feeder is included in the bundle to make it so that your Gamma Heat Shrink tubing feeds into the printer with incredible ease, ensuring that there are no delays in your printing.

Gamma Label

Gamma Label software is our proprietary software, designed to work with the Gamma Bolt as well as the Gamma Mark III Plus and the Gamma Double Mark. Gamma Label makes it easy to design labels for heat shrink tubing, Simply choose the size of your heat shrink tubing and drop in text, single colored graphics, or both. Gamma Label is capable of printing sequences and/or serialized numbers with the added ability to intelligently underline numbers in your sequences that might get confused otherwise, (i.e. 6's and 9's). Sequences can also be imported into Gamma Label using csv files. Gamma Label can read grayscale image files, utilize fonts you have installed on your computer, and can make fonts bold, underlined, or italicized. Gamma Label requires a yearly license, ($100/year) and is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

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