Custom Cut Heat Shrink Tubing

                Heat shrink tubing cut and kitted to customized lengths

Get Heat Shrink Tubing cut and packaged to your needs

Short or long, small or large quantity, we will cut heat shrink tubing to your exact needs and make sure that it is efficiently kitted and delivered to you and/or your customers.

Select any model of Gamma Heat Shrink Tubing

All models of Gamma heat shrink tubing are able to be cut and packaged to your specifications.  You can view all of our heat shrink tubing here, or get started on your custom heat shrink order, including customized cut lengths, by filling out the form below,

Gamma Electronics Heat Shrink Available in Multiple Colors

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We Can Print on Heat Shrink Too

Gamma Electronics Thermal Transfer Printer Labels
Gamma Bolt Printer

Need to print on your heat shrink tubing?  And cut it? Maybe you would prefer that it be printed and peforated?  We can make all of those things happen, and so can you.

Our Heat Shrink Printers, (also called thermal transfer printers), make it so we can print, cut, or perforate.  You can either purchase a printer of your own, (which we recommend if you’re printing in higher quantities), or we can do it for you.  Check out our Cable Identification page to learn more.