RF Coaxial Connector & Cable Weatherproofing

Installs in Seconds, Lasts a Lifetime

Our Coaxial Connector & Cable Weatherproofing has been purposefully designed for RF applications, setting the standard for the telecommunications industry.  We have 10 different weatherproofing approvals with AT&T alone and have been the trusted form of weatherproofing for FirstNet towers throughout the United States.

Our weatherproofing creates a watertight seal that can be trusted in even the harshest of environments, vastly cutting down on maintenance costs.   Add to that how simple our weatherproofing is to install combined with the guarantee it will last the lifetime of your cable and it’s no wonder that Gamma Electronics has become the go-to name in RF coaxial connector & cable weatherproofing.

3 for $25

Try 3 Gamma Weatherproofing Products for $25, including shipping

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

Silicone Cold Shrink

The ultimate “set it and forget it” weatherproofing for RF and coaxial connections.

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

Clear Silicone Cold Shrink

Make inspecting connections easy. Designed specifically for 2-6 and 8-10 AWG wires.

Gamma RF Cable Weatherproofing Slide Lock

Slide Lock

Get watertight protection combined with easy re-accessibility to 7/16 DIN, 4.3-10, and Type N connections.

Gamma RF Cable Weatherproofing Boot

RF Weatherproof Boot

Get IP68 rated weather protection with the fastest access to your connection possible.

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

Suppressor Boot

Reduce RF interference while getting IP68 weather protection.

Gamma Magic Tape Roll

Magic Tape

Tape that has no adhesive and magically only adheres to itself.

Gamma RF Cable Weatherproofing Boot

Grounding Kit

Watertight and re-accessible.  Leave the messy butyl at home.

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

Tower Utility Knife

Quickly remove Cold Shrink without damaging the cable.

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

Boot Cones

Gamma Electronics’ boot cones are specifically designed to facilitate installation of Gamma Electronics’ weatherproofing boots onto previously terminated coaxial jumper cables.

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AT&T logo

AT&T Approved

We have 10 different variations of coaxial connector weatherproofing that have receieved AT&T approval, (including CEQ numbers).  That means our RF Weatherproofing has been heavily tested and meets AT&T’s high standards, always meeting and oftentimes exceeding IP68 test results.

3 for $25

Try 3 Gamma Weatherproofing Products for $25,

Including Shipping

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