Cold Shrink Tubing

Waterproof Electrical Connections in Seconds

Gamma Cold Shrink is an open-ended, rubber sleeve or tube, that can shrink down three to five times its original size, similar to heat shrink tubing.  The rubber tubing is held in place by an inner, plastic core that, once removed, allows it to shrink in size.  Cold Shrink tubing can create a watertight seal over electrical connections and requires no heat to shrink, hence the name “cold shrink.”

We offer cold shrink tubing in varying types and sizes, which you can find below.

Silicone Cold Shrink

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

Clear Silicone Cold Shrink

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What is Cold Shrink?

Shrinks in Seconds, No Heat Required

Say goodbye to your heat gun.  No heat is required to get Cold Shrink to shrink, (hence it’s name).  Cold Shrink is held in place by an inner plastic core that prevents it from shrinking down.  The plastic core is perforated to make for an easy removal.  Once you start pulling at it the plastic core it removes in seconds, allowing the Cold Shrink to reduce in size.

Create a Watertight Seal

Our Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing reaches shrink ratios as high as 4 and a half to 1 (4.5:1), meaning it shrinks down more than 4 times smaller than where it started.  The high shrink ratio makes it so that the cold shrink is large enough to get around the electrical connection when you start, yet it shrinks down small enough to create a watertight seal around the connection once the inner core of the tubing has been removed.

Incredible Weather Durability

Both Silicone and EPDM cold shrink have incredible weather resistance properties, including resisting moisture, fungus, UV, and Ozone.

In addition, both EPDM and Silicone can withstand some extreme temperatures before showing signs of degradation.  Silicone cold shrink in particular can go as low as -76° Fahrenheit and as high as 446° Fahrenheit.  And because cold shrink does not have adhesive, you don’t have to worry about glue that melts in the heat or becomes brittle and broken in the cold.

AT&T Approved

AT&T trust Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink as their go-to weatherproofing solution, having issued CEQ numbers for easy ordering and utilizing Gamma Cold Shrink on the United States Government FirstNet network.

Learn more about Gamma’s AT&T approved products here.

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Cold Shrink Tubing during Installation

Installs in Seconds

Cold Shrink tubing requires no special tools to install.   Simply place the tubing over the cable and remove the rip cord.  As soon as the rip cord pulls away the inner, plastic core, the cold shrink will collapse and shrink into place, creating a watertight seal in the process.

For detailed instructions, check out our “How To Install Cold Shrink” visual guide.

Choose Your Cold Shrink Tubing Type

Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink
Silicone Cold Shrink has a higher shrink ratio that results in the tightest seal as well as all the weather resistance benefits that come with silicone.  Our silicone cold shrink has become a telecommunications weatherproofing standard, having earned AT&T approval.

Clear Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

Need to see what lies beneath? Our clear silicone cold shrink has all the same benefits of our silicone cold shrink while also allowing you to see the cable and/or connector below.  It has been specifically designed to work with 2-10 AWG wires in mind.