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EPDM Cold Shrink

Gamma’s EPDM cold shrink is specially formulated pre expanded rubber shrink tube that does not require heat to shrink. It is supplied expanded over an easily removable plastic cylinder. When the plastic cord is pulled, it allows the rubber sleeve to shrink and rapidly seal and protect the connector, while gripping tight around the cable. EPDM cold shrink is a safe, easy and reliable method to seal coaxial connections.

EPDM cold shrink is ideal for wireless communication towers and any other exposed coax interface. Once installed correctly, the connection is weather proof and protected against dust or dirt that may find its way into your connection.

  • Simple installation, requires only workman’s hands
  • No torch or heat source required for installation
  • Good thermal stability
  • Seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of aging and exposure
  • Waterproof
  • Resisting to fungus, acids, alkalis, ozone and ultraviolet light
  • Accommodates a wide range of cables
  • Excellent wet electrical properties

Gamma’s EPDM Cold Shrink sleeves are applied without a heat gun or flame. It’s compatible with coax cables and N or 7/16 DIN connectors. Cold shrink sleeves are pre-stretched and assembled onto a removable core.

General EPDM

Part NumberSizeBefore Recovery (mm)After Recovery (mm)Color
EPDM-8320-6Ø 208-15152Black
EPDM-8325-LØ 2510-20203-280Black
EPDM-8335-LØ 3514-30229-280Black
EPDM-8340-LØ 4017.5-33152-457Black
EPDM-8353-LØ 5325-46152-457Black
EPDM-8370-LØ 7032-63152-457Black
EPDM-8104-9Ø 10443-94229Black

High Shrinkage EPDM

Part NumberSizeBefore Recovery (mm)After Recovery (mm)Color
EPDM-8435-LØ 3512.5-30229-279Black
EPDM-8440-LØ 4014-33152-406Black
EPDM-8453-LØ 5319-46152-457Black
EPDM-8360-LØ 6020.5-51254Black
EPDM-8470-LØ 7025-63152-457Black
EPDM-8480-13Ø 8027.4-70325Black

RoHS : compliant with EU RoHS Directive (2005/95/EC)
“RoHS Compliant 2005/95/EC” means that the product or part (“Product”) does not contain any of the substances in excess of the maximum concentration values in EU Directive 2002/95/EC, as amended by Commission Decision 2005/618/EC, unless the substance is in an application that is exempt under RoHS. This information represents GAMMA’S knowledge and belief, which may be based in whole or in part on information provided by third party suppliers to GAMMA.

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Gamma Cold Shrink

Approved at AT&T, Gamma’s Silicone Cold Shrink is a true “Set it and Forget It” solution that changed the RF Weatherproofing industry.

Gamma Slide Locks

Gamma Slide Locks allow you to regain access to your connection without having to replace your weatherproofing.  Approved by AT&T the Slide Lock installs in seconds and will last a lifetime.

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