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WSCES Cold Shrink End Caps

Gamma’s Cold Shrink End Caps protect your cable ends from exposure to moisture, contamination and corrosion. To install, these pre-stretched rubber sleeves are positioned over the end of a cable and the core is removed to provide a reliable seal. No tools are needed to install, and these end caps can be removed without damage to the cable.

  • Made of EPDM rubber
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Can meet a variety of configuration requirements
  • Provides sealing protection over multi-core cable ends
  • Simple and fast installation, no tools required.
  • Accommodating size ranges from 13mm to 70mm
  • Sealing tight, high rebound even after
  • prolonged years of aging and exposure.
  • Water-resistant.
  • No mastic or tape required.
  • No torches or heat required.
  • Resists fungus.
  • Resists acids and alkalis.
  • Resists ozone.
  • Easily removed.
  • No training required for installation.


PropertyTest MethodStandard Value
300% ModulusASTM D-412-754.2MPa
Ultimate TensileASTM D-412-7510.05MPa
Ultimate ElongationASTM D-412-75600%
Tear strengthASTM D-624C-7328.3KN/m
Fungus ResistanceASTM G-21

28 days exposure

No Growth

Moisture Absorption 7 days at 90°C in H2O3.0% wt. Gain


Gamma P/NID as
ID after
Wall Thickness
after Recovered
Wall Thickness