Magic Tape (self-amalgamating tape) Installed

Grounding Kits

Re-accessible Enclosures for 7/8 inch and 1/2 inch Cables

Magic Tape (self-amalgamating tape) Installed
Gamma Grounding Kit complete kit

Upgrade from “Tape ‘n Butyl”

Gamma’s 7/8″ and 1/2″ accessible grounding kits are a massive upgrade from the typical “tape ’n butyl” method of grounding and weatherproofing cables.  Unlike tape and butyl these kits are fast and easy to install while also providing re-accessibility.

Install in Minutes

Each Grounding Kit comes with 2 primary pieces: the grounding wire and the slide lock enclosure.

After stripping the cable jacket, just slide the tinned copper grounding wire around the exposed conductor and snap the latch into place.  Next, place the enclosure around the grounding wire/conductor and seal it into place using the slide lock mechanism.

You can have your grounding wire installed and enclosed in under a minute.

Applying Gamma Electronics magic tape on cable

Tinned Copper

Our Grounding Kits come with a tinned copper latch that fastens over the outer conductor of your cable.  Tinned Copper is more resistant to weather than copper on it’s own as it better withstands corrosion and lasts significantly longer.

Easy Access to Grounding Cable

The slide locking enclosure makes it easy to protect and seal the exposed cable.  Enclose the exposed cable in the weather protectant enclosure, and use the sliding lock to secure the enclosure and protect the cable with an IP68 rated seal.

Stretched Gamma Magic Tape
Grounding Kit Inner Silicone Gel

Silicone Gel Protection

The weather protectant enclosure has an inner silicone gel liner designed to snugly wrap itself around the cable and the grounding wire.  The silicone gel keeps elements like water and dust and is one of the primary reason that the enclosure is IP68 rated, meaning we have dunked the enclosure in more than a meter of water for over 30 minutes without it letting any water in.

Easy Install/Uninstall

The enclosure is fast and easy to both install and uninstall.  Close it over the cable and grounding wire, then holding the enclosure firmly in place slide the locking mechanism until you hear a popping sound letting you know it’s secure.

To uninstall press the finger tabs on the sliding mechanism to unlock it, then slide it off the enclosure.

Stretched Gamma Magic Tape
Magic Tape (self-amalgamating tape) Installed
Magic Tape (self-amalgamating tape) Installed

Grounding Kits

Available for 7/8″ and 1/2″ Cables