Magic Tape (self-amalgamating tape) Installed

Magic Tape

Self-Amalgamating Tape to Weatherproof Any Connection

Magic Tape (self-amalgamating tape) Installed
Gamma Magic Tape Roll

Weatherproof Any Connection

Gamma Magic Tape is a self-amalgamating tape that makes it possible to weatherproof the seemingly impossible.  When you run into those odd sized connections or have a nick in a cable, Magic Tape makes it quick and easy to add some protection without having the need for a heat gun or any additional forms of cable protection.

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Easy to Install

Gamma Magic Tape is a self-amalgamating tape that does not require heat or adhesive to be installed.  The tape adheres to itself by way of a chemical bond that results in two layers of the tape becoming a permanent bond, (also called vulcanizing).

Gamma Magic Tape ships with a plastic layer on one side of the tape to ensure it does not adhere to itself prior to installation.  Unravel the tape to your desired length, cut it with a pair of scissors and wrap your connection.  Done.

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Applying Gamma Electronics magic tape on cable

Weather Tested

Gamma Magic Tape has been tested to withstand the elements with an operating temperature range of -40° (F) up to 230° (F).  When properly installed it keeps out water ingress and moisture while also protecting connections from UV, Ozone, dust, and fungus.

No Adhesive

No adhesive means you don’t have to worry about weather breaking down that adhesive, causing the tape to loosen and unravel.

Thanks to this non-adhesive attribute Magic Tape has sometimes also been called the “cold shrink of tape.”

Stretched Gamma Magic Tape

Make Sure You're Always Covered,

Get Magic Tape.

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