RF Weatherproof Boots

Watertight protection for coaxial connections that installs and uninstalls in seconds.

IP68 Rated Weather Protection

Gamma’s Weatherproof Boot not only installs and uninstalls in seconds but more importantly it provides IP68 rated weather protection for the connection that it’s covering.  IP68 means it’s been tested by being dunked more than 1 meter in water for over 30 minutes without any signs of water working it’s way into the boot.

Learn more about the IP Rating system here.

3 for $25

Try 3 Gamma RF Weatherproofing Samples for only $25, including Shipping

Installs & Uninstalls in Seconds

Gamma’s RF Weatherproof Boot is able to install over the connection in mere seconds and of course you can uninstall it just as quickly.

Sized to Your Needs

Gamma RF Weatherproof Boots come in many variations based on the connector and cable size the boot is intended for.

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Weatherproof Boots for Type N Connectors on LMR195 Cable
Weatherproof Boot for SMA Connectors on LMR195 Cables

JMA Compatible

Using a JMA connector?  Not a problem.  We have boots designed and tested to work with JMA 4.3-10 and 7/16 DIN connectors.   Just look for JMA in the boot part number to find compatible boots.

A One-Piece Boot, Made from Silicone

All of our RF Weatherproof boots are a single piece solution, meaning you get IP68 rated weather protection without needing to mate two pieces of a boot together.  You don’t need to worry about cutting a secondary piece when installing the boot, and we’ve tested them to be watertight.

To ensure the boots stand up to what mother nature throws at them, we’ve made our boots from silicone, which provides incredible UV and Ozone protection, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, (see below).

Extreme Temperatures?  No Problem.

We found that silicone makes an ideal material for weatherproofing products in large part thanks to silicone’s ability to stand up to extreme temperatures both hot and cold.  Our weatherproof boot is made of silicone so we can deliver results in even the most extreme circumstances.
Gamma RF Cable Weatherproofing Cold Shrink

RF Weatherproof Boots

Get the best RF Weatherproofing available. Get Gamma RF Weatherproofing Boots today.