Suppressor Boots

Reduce RF Interference while getting IP68 Level Weather Protection

Suppress RF Interference

Leaky connectors are known to be an RF egress pain point, often leaking out RF interference that makes its way into antennas, causing PIM problems.  Our Suppressor Boot suppresses, (or attenuates), RF egress coming from leaky connectors, keeping interference to a minimum.  The boot is made from a unique silicone rubber composite material that allows it to accomplish this while still maintaining the IP68 levels of protection our customers have come to expect from our weatherproofing products.

Attenuate Interference to 1/10 its Original Strength

The Suppressor Boot was designed to contain any RF egress that may come from a leaky connector and our tests show that it effectively reduced/attenuated by at least 10 dB.  In other words, it reduced RF signal coming from a leaky connector to 1/10 of its original strength.

You can learn more about the rigorous testing process we put the Suppressor Boot through by clicking here.

Sized to Your Needs

Gamma Suppressor Boots come in many variations based on some of the most popular cable and connector combinations.

Install/Uninstall in Seconds

When we set out to make the Suppressor Boot one of our goals was to maintain the quick and easy install/uninstall time customers had become familiar with on our Weatherproof Boots.  Thankfully we were able to do just that as the Gamma Suppressor Boot is able to install and uninstall in mere seconds, just like the original Weatherproof Boot.

Gamma Electronics' 7/16 DIN Suppressor Boot

Silicone Rubber Composite

Our Weatherproof Boots are made from silicone rubber which has incredible weather protection capabilties as well as the elasticity needed to create an IP68 rated seal around connections.  For our Suppressor Boot we utilized a silicone rubber composite which allowed us to maintain those same qualities with the added bonus of RF attenuation.

If you’re familiar with our Weatherproof Boot you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and the Suppressor Boot by touch alone.  Rest assured, this boot gives you all the perks of our Weatherproof Boots and more.

4 Models Available

The Suppressor Boot is currently available to order in four variations:

NEX10 to 1/4 inch superflex Suppressor Boot

4.3-10 to 1/4 inch superflex Suppressor Boot

4.3-10 to 1/2 inch annular Suppressor Boot

7/16 DIN to 1/2 inch annular Suppressor Boot

Suppressor Boots

Get interference attenuation and top-notch weatherproofing in a single boot.

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