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Cold Shrink

Gamma Cold Shrink is a silicone tubing/sleeving that installs in seconds without the need for heat or adhesive.  It is thicker and more durable than heat shrink or tapes and, unlike tapes, because it is a single piece/unit it is near impossible for dust or water to work their way inside.  Gamma Cold Shrink is the optimal weatherproofing solution that also helps seal your connection and protect it against vibration.

Learn more on our Cold Shrink page.

Slide Locks

Gamma Slide Locks are incredibly easy to install while also being lighter and slimmer than a slim lock. Gamma Slide Locks are IP68 rated and are designed for connections that need to be revisited while still providing you an option as a permanent weatherproofing solution.

Learn more on our Slide Locks page.

Weatherproofing Boots

Gamma’s Weatherproofing Boots are manufactured from a highly UV resistant silicone rubber that protects and seals connections. They are designed for an easy install and uninstall when you need to access the antenna or radio. This boot provides IP68 performance and makes for the ideal weatherproof LTE connection solution.

Learn more on our Weatherproofing Boots page.

Magic Tape

Gamma’s Magic Tape is a self-amalgamating tape made of Ethylene Propylene Rubber.  It has no adhesive and “magically” adheres to itself.  Compared to the older method of using tape and butyl, Magic Tape can drastically reduce the time spent on weather protecting a connection.  It’s always a good idea to have Magic Tape in your bag when you run into those unexpected repairs or odd connections that can’t be protected any other way.

Learn more on our Magic Tape page.