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2018 was a very busy year here at Gamma Electronics.  We wanted to take a moment to thank all those who have been part of our journey and provide some updates as to some of the exciting things that have happened during 2018.

New Location

First things first, we moved!  It wasn’t far, (ok, just a few doors down), but it did allow us to get a much larger warehouse to better accommodate the needs of our partners and customers.

Gamma Electronics Warehouse

New Logo/Branding

We also updated our logo and website this year.  We wanted the website to be easier to navigate and explore while also providing a fresh new look to match some of the innovative products we’re bringing to the market.

Low PIM, Low Loss Cable Assemblies

Speaking of innovative products we have had a great response to our new line of low PIM, low loss cables.  We’ll be providing more information about this new product line in the coming weeks but for the purposes of this blog post we’ll just share an excerpt from an email we received this week from a highly satisfied customer:

Low PIM, Low Loss RF Cable Assembly

“We saw the biggest improvement on the worst connections. Anything above -105 RSRP saw 2-4 db improvement.  The CINR SINR levels pretty much improved across the board…The general reliability of UEs from ICMP and SNMP on the sector improved greatly.”

Kaleb Rounsevel, ST. Marie’s Internet

Needless to say we are excited about what these cables are capable of doing.

RF Weatherproof Boot

We pride ourselves in not only providing the best cable protection options but the fastest cable protection install options available.  The Weatherproof Boot was a great addition in 2018.

Closeup of Gamma Electronics Boot on Cable

Updated Printer

Our Printers continue to be an industry leading solution for printing on heat shrink tubing and we made exciting updates to our Gamma Mark III Plus printer specifically.  It has a large new touchscreen, an updated interface, it can be connected via Bluetooth and it prints much more quietly and smoothly.

Gamma Mark III Plus Printer

New Resellers

Purchase Gamma Electronics through Streakwave
Purchase Gamma Electronics through Winncom
Purchase Gamma Electronics through WAV
Purchase Gamma Electronics through CTI Connect

We’ve added a number of new resellers in hopes of making our products more accessible to customers.  In recent months we added Wincomm, Streakwave, Wav, and CTIConnect.  For a full list of all of our reselllers, see our Where to Buy page.

Trade Shows

Gamma Electronics WISPAPALOOZA18 Booth
Gamma Electronics WISPAPALOOZA18 Low PIM Mini Golf

We had a great time attending a number of trade shows this past year including Wispapalooza, ConnectX, IWCE, Wispamerica, and the Assembly Show.  We particularly enjoyed sharing our mini golf visual aid which highlighted how Gamma products help eliminate obstacles like PIM and water ingress to ensure that you have a clean signal.

What’s to Come in 2019

 While 2018 was a great year for us we are even more excited about what’s to come in 2019.  We will be regularly updating this blog in the coming year and will be releasing monthly videos and newsletters as well.

 We would also love to meet face to face and have already set up our trade show schedule for the coming year.  Please come say hello to us at: 

  • Nate Unite 2019
  • IWCE
  • WispAmerica
  • CanWisp
  • Satellite 2019
  • Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo
  • ConnectX
  • Wispapalooza
  • The Assembly Show

 You can also visit our trade shows page to learn more about our presence at each of these shows. 

We also have some new products in the works that we will be announcing in the first half of 2019.  To keep up with all the new updates make sure to follow us on social media, continue to check into the blog, and sign up for our newsletter below.


Gamma Cold Shrink
Gamma Slide Lock
Gamma Cold Shrink
Gamma Cold Shrink