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Gamma’s New 5G/Small Cell Adapter Kit

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Gamma News, Telecommunications, Test & Measurement | 0 comments

Gamma Adapter Kit

The Gamma Electronics’ team is pleased to share our newest product, the 5G/Small Cell Adapter Kit.

The Gamma Adapter Kit is the first product from Gamma Electronics in a new product category that only seems to grow in importance: Test & Measurement.  With the increasing need for low PIM products in the telecommunications market, (and fixed wireless world in general), our product and engineering teams identified adapters meant for PIM testing equipment as a much needed solution for the growing 5G and small cell market.

The Gamma Adapter Kit includes six total adapters:

Each of these adapters are made from the highest quality materials, providing accurate and reliable test results.  The adapters purposefully have a robust design to ensure longevity and they come in an IP67 rated, ABS polycarbonate case with laser cut foam to snugly hold and secure each adapter.

To learn more you can download the Adapter Kit spec sheet here, or visit the Gamma Adapter Kit page.  

Click here for purchasing information,  or contact a Gamma sales representative at or via phone at (909) 860-1479.


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