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Introducing the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Cable Assembly, Gamma News | 0 comments

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our Cable Assembly product line: the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool.

The Multi-Cable Stripping Tool is a unique new product that makes it possible to strip multiple types of coaxial cable, even cable from different manufacturers, with a single tool.  We have purposefully released the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool alongside some additional products, our new RF Compression Connectors, which are designed to be installed on coaxial cables following the cable stripping process, (click here for more information about our RF Compression Connectors).

Introducing the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool Introduction Video

As the name states, our Multi-Cable Stripping Tool is capable of stripping multiple types of cables, including air and foam dielectric cables, as well as cables from different manufacturers.  This is made possible by the different bushings that can be interchanged on the bottom of the tool.  Each bushing is designed to help cables entering the tool perfectly align so that they are stripped correctly.

The Multi-Cable Stripping Tool comes with 3 bushings.  Want to strip a CommScope copper shielded cable?  Use the 620 bushing.  CommScope Aluminum Cable?  Use the 630 bushing.  RFS Copper Shielded Cable?  Use the 650 bushing.  The number on each bushing references a size, (in millimeters), that ensures different types of cables line up correctly once inserted into the stripping tool.

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool assembled

The bushings can be easily interchanged with one another, as there is a simple screw towards the bottom of the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool that, once loosened, will release the bushing.  Once the desired bushing is put in place, you simply tighten the screw once more to secure the bushing into place.

Our Multi-Cable Stripping Tool also features a stopping point, meaning the tool will not continue to strip once it has stripped the necessary amount.  It is possible for the tool to continue to spin, but because of the built-in stopping point, it will not continue to cut/strip the cable.

The tool can be used by hand via the T-Handle, or the T-Handle can be detached, allowing the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool to be directly inserted into a drill.

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool in Pieces
Multi-Cable Stripping Tool on Drill

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool – Key Features Video

The Multi-Cable Stripping Tool comes with the 3 different sized bushings, 2 allen wrenches, 1 dental pick (for finesse cleaning of stripped cables), a cutting tool, and a carrying pouch.

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool - Complete Package

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

The Multi-Cable Stripping Tool is available now, and you can find out more Information about the tool and accessories here, or by clicking on a button below.  You can also learn more about the recently released RF Compression Connectors, by clicking here.


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