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Introducing the Tower Utility Knife (TUK)

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Cable Protection, Gamma News, RF Weatherproofing | 0 comments

Tower Utility Knife (TUK)

For all those who have asked us over the years, “how do you remove cold shrink,” we finally have the answer: the Tower Utility Knife.

The Tower Utility Knife, (or T.U.K.), is a double bladed tool that easily cuts installed cold shrink tubing.  Unlike box cutters or traditional blades the TUK protects the cable and connector from being cut during the removal process.  The TUK’s primary blade has a blade guard that slips underneath the cold shrink tubing while also acting as a protective buffer, ensuring the blade is unable to cut into the cable.

TUK Primary Blade & Blade Guard

The TUK’s blade is unique in that it is 2 blades in one.  By loosening the rotating blade lock you can swivel the blade around and switch it from the primary to the precision blade.  The precision blade is designed to make difficult cuts easy, like those around connectors.

When you’re done with the precision blade just loosen the rotating blade lock again and swivel back to the primary blade, safely “tucking” the blade back into the blade guard.

The TUK also comes with a tether hole at the bottom of the tool.  This hole is perfectly sized for a carabiner or rope.  During the research & development of this tool the Gamma engineering team was keenly aware of the fact that this tool will largely be used by tower climbers and installers in the telecom, WISP, and fixed wireless industries.  With that in mind, our team was aware of the need for a tool that could easily be attached to a tool belt or climbing harness.

As can be seen in the photo the Tower Utility Knife is able to easily accomodate the most common carabiner and ropes used by tower climbers.

The Tower Utility Knife (TUK) comes in either black or blue.  To learn more you can download the Tower Utility Knife data sheet, or visit the Tower Utility Knife page.

Click here for purchasing information,  or contact a Gamma sales representative at or via phone at (909) 860-1479.


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