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New Custom RF Coaxial Cable Variations

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Cable Assembly, Gamma News | 0 comments

In our efforts to meet the demands of the telecommunications and fixed wireless industries we have added 3 new variations that are now available to our customers in need of customized RF coaxial cables.  We are now able to offer quarter inch (1/4″) superflex cable, NEX10 connectors, as well as a new and improved Type N connector.

You can learn more about each below.

New Weatherproofing Product Variations from Gamma Electronics

Quarter Inch (1/4″) Superflex Coaxial Cable

Gamma Electronics Standard and Superflex RF Cables

One of the first key additions now available as a custom RF cable option is our quarter inch (1/4) superflex cable.  With the growth of 5G we’ve seen greater demand for smaller cables, specifically cables that can pair easily with NEX10 connectors.  While we’ve been offering the 1/4 inch superflex cable on our NEX10 to 4.3-10 cables for more than a year we are excited to now offer it as a custom RF cable option.

The 1/4 inch Superflex adds to our half inch Superflex and half inch Standard (or annular) options that we have been offering for years.

Gamma Low PIM, RF Coaxial Cable options

Alongside the 1/4 inch superflex cable we have also been adding more and more RF weatherproofing options to go with these cables, which you can find by clicking here.

NEX10® Connector

With the growth of 5G we’ve seen increased demands not only for quarter inch superflex cable but for NEX10 connectors as well.  These connectors perform incredibly well in low PIM applications and help conserve space on what are often tightly packed antennas and radios.

In addition to offering the NEX10 connector as a custom RF cable option we also lead the telecom industry in terms of offering weatherproofing for the NEX10 connector.  We have one of the few NEX10 weatherproof boots available on the market as well as some of the only cold shrink tubing capable of shrinking down small and tight enough to create a watertight seal on NEX10 connections.

Updated Type N Connector

Gamma Electronics Standard and Superflex RF Cables

In addition to the new variations above we are also pleased to announce an update to our Type N Connectors, which has been one of our most popular custom cable options that we’ve provided to customers over the years.  While we’ve had great success with our N type connections over the years we’re still always looking for ways to improve our products.

Our updated Type N connector is a bit longer than what we’ve offered previously, making it a more robust connector that will better withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use.  Like our Type N connector of the past it is made of tri-metal albaloy and provides all the same benefits that come with that, (learn more about the benefits of tri-metal albaloy connectors here).  The new Type N connector has also improved and helped to streamline our cable assembly process when using these types of connectors, while still providing the excellent low PIM results that we guarantee with each of our low PIM cables.

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All of the new variations/updates are available to our customers immediately.  For more information regarding Gamma custom RF Coaxial cables, please visit our Custom RF Cables page where you can also find ordering information.  You can also speak to a member of the Gamma team to get help on selecting the right cables and weatherproofing, which we are happy to provide alongside our custom cable offerings.

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