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NEX10® to 4.3-10 Cables Now Available

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Cable Assembly, Cable Protection, Gamma News, RF Weatherproofing | 0 comments

Gamma Electronics is pleased to announce that we now offer NEX10® to 4.3-10 cables, available now to purchase in 3 foot lengths or at customizable lengths.  We are offering these Low PIM cables in direct response to numerous requests over the past weeks/months, in large part thanks to the deployment of 5G radios like Ericsson’s 4402 & 4408 models.

The cable is a Low PIM, 1/4 inch superflex that meets or exceeds typical PIM standards, (-155 dBC or lower), while also providing excellent VSWR results, (1.2 or less).  As with all Gamma cables the NEX10® to 4.3-10 cable is tested following assembly and the test results are printed and applied to the cable before being shipped.

Gamma’s NEX10® to 4.3-10 Cable comes paired with SDL-TNS-65 Cold Shrink which perfectly matches the NEX10® side of the cable.  The SDL-TNS-65 weatherproofs the NEX10® connector up to an IP68 standard, meaning it will withstand the harshest of weather while lasting for the lifetime of the cable.  Gamma’s SDL-TNS-65 is one of the only RF Weatherproofing solutions able to fit into some of the newer remote radio units which are incredibly tight on space and are often unable to accommodate weatherproofing solutions like boots, slide locks, and/or tape and butyl.

Installed on the cable as part of the assembly process is one of Gamma’s RF Weatherproof Boots, which is perfectly matched for for both the 4.3-10 connector and the 1/4″ superflex cable.  The RF Weatherproof Boot slides up and over the connection and provides an IP68 rated, watertight seal.  For added convenience the Boot is able to slide back off the connection and down the cable allowing easy access to the connection.


For more information regarding these new cables please visit the NEX10® to 4.3-10 Cable page.


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