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Now Offering Plenum Cable

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Cable Assembly, DAS, Gamma News | 41 comments

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our Cable Assembly product line: Plenum Cable.

We are now offering two new types of air dielectric Plenum Cable: half inch, ETL, CMP, aluminum shielded corrugated-cable, and half inch, ETL, CMP, copper shielded corrugated cable. These types of cable are perfect for ERRCS or public safety DAS and cellular DAS systems. These cables are a great addition to our growing line of Cable Assembly and DAS focused products.

Both cables can be ordered in white, red, and blue. Immediate cable is available to ship in both aluminum shielded white, red, and blue and copper shielded blue. Both the aluminum and copper shielded cables are currently available in 500- and 1000-foot spools. Smaller lengths are available upon request.

When combined with Gamma low PIM low loss connectors, integrators can achieve excellent results with DTF Return Loss testing lower than -31 and PIM testing results lower than -165.

Aluminum-Shielded Coaxial Air-Core Cable

The high performance and low attenuation of this coaxial cable allows it to be used in  a wide range of mobile applications, like 3G, 4G, indoor distribution, broadcast, various base stations, wireless cellular, and others.
Introducing the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Copper-Shielded Coaxial Air-Core Cable


The Copper shielded Coaxial Cable has a wide range of applications, such as indoor distribution, broadcast, various base stations, wireless cellular, and others. This leads to a lower VSWR, perfect shielding effectiveness, and extraordinary PIM performance leading to less loss and interference.

Introducing the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Our Plenum Cable is available now.  You can find out more about both types of plenum cable by clicking here.


Other New DAS Related Products

Along side our Plenum Cable we have more DAS products to pair all together. Such as, RG-142 Jumpers, RF Compression Connectors, Multi-Cable Stripping Tool, and our weatherproofing products. Learn all about our DAS Products in this blog post.

RF Compression Connectors

As part of our growing DAS product line, we also recently released our RF Compression Connectors.  These connectors are available in 4.3-10 and Type N, (both male and female) with VSWR tests coming in under 1.15, Return Loss less than -23, and PIM below -155 dBc. Our RF Compression Connectors work with  our own coaxial cable, CommScope cables, (both aluminum and copper), as well as RadioFrequency System (RFS) cables.

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool assembled

Furthermore, our connectors are easy to install once the cable is stripped.  Simply slide the provided o-ring into the third corrugation “valley” of the stripped cable, after which you can slide the lower half of the connector over the o-ring and onto the cable. Lastly, attach the other half of the connector, and torque it tight. To buy our RF Compression Connectors, click here.

RG142 Coaxial Cable

The RG142 Coaxial Cable is a 50 ohm, cable built with a braided shield to allow flexibility, making it perfect for tight-area installations. The standard lengths are from 18 and 36 inches. Available in Type N connectors from N male to N male and N female to N male.

Purchase our RG142 Coaxial Cable here!

RG142 Coaxial Cable
RG142 Coaxial Cable - Type N Male to Type N Male

Type N Male to Type N Male

RG142 Coaxial Cable - Type N Male to Type N Female

Type N Male to Type N Female

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Multi-Cable Stripping Tool

Our Multi-Cable Stripping Tool can strip CommScope, RFS, or Gamma coaxial cables with ease.  It’s a revolutionary tool that comes with 3 bushings, each sized to work with different types of cables.  You can quickly swap out the bushings and be using the same tool on a different cable in seconds.

The Multi-Cable Stripping Tool also has a built-in stopping point, meaning the tool will only strip to a certain length on the cable, so you never strip more cable than you need.

The Multi-Cable Stripping Tool comes with the 3 different sized bushings, 2 allen wrenches, 1 dental pick (for finesse cleaning of stripped cables), a cutting tool, and a carrying pouch. To purchase our Multi-cable stripping tool, click here!

Match the Cable to the Bushing

Cable Brand (Type, Shield Material)

Part Number


RFS (Plenum, Copper)



Commscope (Plenum, Copper)



Commscope (Plenum, Aluminum)



Gamma (Plenum, Copper)



Gamma (Plenum, Aluminum)



Gamma (Annular, Copper)



Commscope (Annular, Copper)



All of the above products are available now.  Learn more about these products by visiting our DAS page, where you can also see our Multi-Cable Stripping Tool in use on different types of Plenum Cables.


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