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Pricing Changes Take Effect on January 1, 2022

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Gamma News | 0 comments

It’s been about 20 months since the COVID-19 pandemic first caused shutdowns here in the United States, which has brought on new challenges that have impacted all of us.  Unfortunately, these unprecedented times have brought significant increases to our freight and operational costs, and in turn, we need to issue a price increase ranging from 4% to 10% across our product lineup.  These price increases will take effect on January 1, 2022.

We appreciate your understanding, and we strongly encourage our customers to take advantage of the lower prices that remain in place through the end of the year.

“How Much are You Raising Prices?”

Prices on all Gamma Products will see a minimum increase of 4% with some products being increased up to 10%.  An updated price list will be provided to our distributors and resellers before the end of the year.

“Does this Impact All of Gamma Electronics’ Products?”

Yes.  All Gamma Products will increase in price by at least 4%.

“Why Are You Raising Prices?”

During 2021 we have seen a significant rise in the costs to acquire materials, as well as an increase in shipping costs.   Our hope was that we would not need to issue a price increase, but as the rising costs become a new normal we must make an adjustment to our pricing so we can continue to provide the quality products and services that our customers expect from us.

“Is this Price Increase Permanent?”

Yes.  As such, we strongly encourage our customers to take advantage of our current pricing, which lasts through the end of 2021.

“Which Products Will See an Increase of More than 4%?”

We are still in the process of assessing how much pricing has to be increased on a product by product basis.  While we do not yet have a finalized list, we are hoping that the majority of our products will stay closer to a 4% increase.  There will, of course, be some products that push closer to 10% and others that fall between 4 and 10%, but our hope and our goal is for most of our products to see a smaller increase.

All pricing changes will be updated on our website by January 1, 2022, and pricing lists will be sent to our distributors and resellers before the end of the year.

Thank you for your understanding and if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Gamma team at


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