SMA RF Weatherproof Boot

$4.96 Before Tax

Watertight, IP68 level weather protection for SMA connectors on LMR195 cables.


Gamma’s SMA Weatherproof Boots are the fastest and easiest way to weatherproof RF cables and SMA connections.  The boots are placed on a cable before it’s terminated, and once the connector is added the boot simply slides up and over the connection to create a watertight seal.  Our boots have been designed and tested to match specific connector and cable combinations so we can ensure that are watertight, testing up to IP68 standards.  They are made from a highly UV resistant silicone rubber that allows them to withstand the elements, including extreme temperatures.

Key Features

  • UV resistant silicone rubber
  • Reusable and flexible enough for easy slide on and off
  • Waterproof to IP68 standard
  • Boot(s) should be installed on cable before terminating the cable
  • Perfect for outdoor RF coaxial cable connection protection
  • Protects connections from the elements
  • Some boots available in right angle (available upon request)