FIX-105 Tape

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FIX-105 is an environmental friendly heat melted adhesive lined cross-linked polyolefin tape that is primarily used to repair damaged cables.


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Adhesive Lined, Cross Linked Heat Shrinkable Tape.  25 feet per roll, minimum order quantity of 10.

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FIX-105-25-0-25, FIX-105-25-0-50, FIX-105-50-0-25, FIX-105-100-0-25, FIX-105-100-0-50, FIX-105HW-25-0-25, FIX-105HW-25-0-50, FIX-105HW-50-0-25, FIX-105-25-2-25, FIX-105-50-2-25, FIX-105HW-100-0-100, FIX-105HW-100-0, FIX-105HW-100-0-25

Key Features

  • Repair for Damaged Cables
  • Offers Protective Layered Insulation for cable joints
  • Water-Proofing
  • Protects Against Corrosion on Pipes
  • Insulation for Bus Bars in Switch Gear
  • Cupboards and Power Stations
  • Seals to Most Types of Electrical Cables and Pipes
  • Available in 5 sizes