1 Inch Thermal Transfer Ribbon

$57.30$67.70 Before Tax

Thermal Transfer ribbon for the Gamma Mark III Plus and Double Mark heat shrink tubing printers that produces sharp, high-quality prints that are resistant to smudges and scratches.




Our 1 inch, thermal transfer printer ribbons are able to shoulder the heavy workload that often comes with the Mark III Plus & Double Mark printers, capable of printing thousands of heat shrink tubing labels per day.  When you combine these printer ribbons with the Mark III Plus or Double Mark printers you get very sharp, high-quality prints onto heat shrink tubing that are not only resistant to smudges and scratches, but also resistant to commonly found/typical chemicals.  Image quality is unsurpassed, providing high-resolution prints of text, barcodes, and even grayscale images.

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Weight1 lbs