1/2 Inch Superflex – Low PIM, Bulk RF Coaxial Cable

$935.00 Before Tax

  • 500 Ft. Coaxial Cable Spool
  • Low PIM
  • Low Loss (VSWR)
  • Fire Resistant
  • Low Smoke Jacket
  • Equivalent to FSJ4-50B



Gamma 1/2 Inch Superflex Coaxial Cable Spool is Low PIM, low loss (VSWR) cable that comes on a single spool in a 500 foot length. Superflex Cable provides far greater flexibility than Standard 1/2 inch Coaxial Cable making for easier installation and use in the field.

The cable has excellent results and comes in a fire retardant, low smoke jacket.  The cable can be utilized for field installations or in-house assembly.

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