NEX10® to 4.3-10 – Low PIM RF Coaxial Cables

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Gamma NEX10 to 4.3-10 Low Pim Cables provide a high performance and is corrosion resistant.


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Gamma’s NEX10 to 4.3-10 Cable is a high performance cable designed for RF applications. The cable itself is a 1/4 inch superflex, Low PIM cable  that comes with high quality Nex10 and 4.3-10 male connectors. The cable comes with Gamma’s highly touted weatherproofing products of your choice (cold shrink or boots). Both the Silicone Cold Shrink and the Weatherproof Boot provide IP68 rated protection. The cable meets or exceeds typical PIM standards with results that meet or exceed the -155 dBc standard as well as excellent VSWR results coming in at 1.2 or less. All Gamma cables are tested before shipping with the test results printed and applied to the cable.

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X10M-25SFLEX-4310M-48-SDL, X10M-25SFLEX-4310M-48-BT, X10M-25SFLEX-4310M-72-SDL, X10M-25SFLEX-4310M-72-BT, X10M-25SFLEX-4310M-120-SDL, X10M-25SFLEX-4310M-120-BT