Gamma Electronics’ Video Gallery

Cable Assembly

How to Use the Gamma Multi-Cable Stripping Tool
Introducing the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool
Multi-Cable Stripping Tool – Key Features
RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies by Gamma Electronics
RF Compression Connectors
How to Cut and Strip Plenum Cable
What is Plenum? What is Plenum Cable? Plenum FAQ

Cable Identification

Gamma Bolt Heat Shrink Tubing Printer
How to Create a Shrink Tube Label

Cable Protection > Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing Sizes Explained
How to Use Heat Shrink Tape
How to Use Heat Shrink Tubing

Cable Protection > Miscellaneous

Gamma Tamper Lock
Tower Utility Knife (T.U.K.) from Gamma Electronics

Cable Protection > RF Weatherproofing

Clear Cold Shrink Installation Instructions
Cold Shrink Tubing – Set It and Forget It (15 seconds)
EPDM vs Silicone Cold Shrink: Shrink Ratio Comparison
Grounding Kit
Heat Shrink vs. Cold Shrink – Which Should You Buy?
How to Install Cold Shrink Tubing on an RF Coaxial Cable
Magic Tape (Self-Amalgamating Tape)
RF Weatherproof Boot – 15 Seconds
RF Weatherproof Boots – 30 Seconds
RF Weatherproofing Quick Installation Comparison
Slide Lock – RF Weatherproofing Enclosure (15 seconds)
Slide Lock (30 second)
Suppressor Boot
Slide Lock – RF Weatherproofing Enclosure (15 seconds)
SDL-TNL-152 Installation and removal process