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Weatherproofing for SMA Connectors

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Cable Protection, RF Weatherproofing | 0 comments

Do you have SMA Connectors that need weatherproofing? A common problem many face is the size of the connector. Because the SMA Connector is small it is hard to find weatherproofing products that fit and provide watertight protection. It’s important to note the problems that might occur with any connector in an outdoor environment, such as rust and corrosion. This can destroy the cable assembly and performance of the connector.

How can you avoid this? Using Gamma Weatherproofing products solves your problem! We have two SMA connector solutions that will avoid problems and protect your cables and connectors. The Gamma weatherproofing products that are compatible with SMA Connectors are the BT-SMA-LMR-195 and SDL-SMA-60. Let’s learn more about these two products.

BT-SMA-LMR195: A Weatherproof Boot for SMA Connectors

SMA Boot on Connector side view

The newest addition to our weatherproofing product line is the BT-SMA-LMR195. We manufacture this SMA boot from a highly ultraviolet and salt-resistant silicone rubber that protects and seals connections from moisture. We recommend using SMA boots when re-accessibility to a connection is key.  It’s important to note that boots should be installed onto the cable before the cable is terminated, (connector is placed on cable).

The boot dimensions for the connector side are 0.18 inches, and on the cable side, 0.16 inches. These dimensions are specific to matching SMA connectors installed on LMR195 cables.  


Weatherproof Boot for SMA Connectors on LMR195 Cables

SDL-SMA-60: Cold Shrink Tubing for SMA Connectors

The SMA connector is used in many industries, such as satellite, telecommunications, medical, and more. Our Gamma Cold Shrink SDL-SMA-60 is the perfect choice for these industries as it provides great weather protection and is easy to install. Cold Shrink creates a watertight seal between the connector and the connection point. Only Gamma Cold Shrink Tubing is capable of shrinking to sizes this small that provides IP68 rated weather protection for SMA connectors.

SDL-SMA-60 cold shrink tubing was made with SMA connectors in mind, being just a bit larger than an SMA connector before shrinking, (0.6 inches), providing a watertight seal on the connection after shrinking, (0.17 inches).   

2 New Weatherproof Boots for LMR195 Cables
SDL-SMA-60 Dimensions

The SDL-SMA-60 is an AT&T-approved product and even has CEQ numbers for easy ordering. Find more information about all our AT&T-approved products for our buying guide!

SMA Connector Weatherproofing: We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you go with the SMA boot or the SMA cold shrink tubing, you’re in good shape either way.  The Boot, (BT-SMA-LMR195), allows re-accessibility to the connection because of the flexibility of the boot being able to slide on and off the connector. The boot perfectly protects SMA connectors on LMR195 cables.  The cold shrink tubing, (SDL-SMA-60), does not have to be LMR195 specific nor does it have to be installed on the cable prior to termination.  These two products are great at protecting SMA Connectors and will help reduce your maintenance issues due to weather.

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