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Tower Utility Knife (TUK)

On behalf of the Gamma Electronics team, I wanted to take a moment to wish you Happy Holidays in addition to saying thank you.  We know that for many 2020 was a difficult year, (to say the least), but hopefully with the holiday season upon us 2020 year ends on a very positive note.  If there’s anything the Gamma team has taken away from this year, it’s a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude.  We’re grateful for our customers, our partners, and all those who make sure we can continue to do what we love to do.

Before going much further I would be remiss not to mention how appreciative our entire team is that during these difficult times Gamma Electronics has been deemed an essential business.  We fully realize that not all businesses have been as fortunate as we and by no means do we desire to gloat.  Being fully aware of and grateful for our essential status, we wanted to do everything in our power to make the most of it.

This year our team largely turned their focus towards product development.  With trade shows being cancelled and travel being restricted we figured we could spend our time trying to provide solutions to a number of the issues being faced in the fixed wireless market, (and more).  Our goal is to always address pain points with the best possible solutions we can provide.

In 2020 we have proudly released 9 products that include a new low PIM cable, new RF weatherproofing solutions, as well as ventures into new territories like a 5G/small cell adapter kit and a Tower Utility Knife designed specifically for cold shrink removal.  You can check out each of these new products below.

Gamma Grounding Kit
Gamma 5G/Small Cell Adapter Kit
NEX10 & F Connector Boot
JMA Weatherproof boot by Gamma Electronics
Gamma Tower Utility Knife
Gamma SMA-60 Cold Shrink Tubing
Clear Cold Shrink Tubing by Gamma Electronics
4.3-10 to NEX10 Low PIM Cable
2.2-5 Weatherproof Boot by Gamma Electronics

Beyond adding to our product line, we have been very pleased to build relationships with and authorize a bevy of new resellers.  Adding authorized resellers better allows us to connect customers with the distributor or reseller of their choosing.  Our desire is to always make the customers experience as smooth and seamless as possible and the list of new resellers below helps us towards accomplishing that goal.

TUK Primary Blade & Blade Guard
TUK Primary Blade & Blade Guard
TUK Primary Blade & Blade Guard

Certainly, we also wish to thank those distributors and resellers we have worked with over the years and hope to work with for years to come.  You can find a full list of all of our distributors and resellers on our Where to Buy page.

In a year that was dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic our desire for you to have a happy and healthy holiday could not be more sincere.  I assume we’re all excited to turn the page on 2020 and very much looking forward to what we hope is a different looking 2021.  I can say that the Gamma team is excited for 2021 as our team has even more products to announce in the coming months, (and we think those in the fixed wireless industry will find them very exciting).  While our team does take time off for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, we are still busy at work before those holidays, (and we have staff in the office between the holidays as well).  Please feel free to reach out to us for help or questions about any of our products.

To wrap things up I’ll say it just once more, thank you and please have the happiest of holidays.

Warmest Wishes,

Cameron Lanier
Director of Marketing and Media Communications

Happy Holidays from Gamma Electronics


Gamma Cold Shrink
Gamma Slide Lock
Gamma Cold Shrink
Gamma Cold Shrink